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Strummer of Love festival

Street Style Wales is going to the Strummer of Love festival this coming weekend.

The festival, which is being held in Somerset, will combine music with craft and will be offering many free workshops and classes for anyone wanting to get their hands dirty.

Craft tutorials will include making flower garlands, dreamcatcher jewellery or even making handmade musical instruments.

Alongside the crafty activities, there will be performances from Emmy the Great, The Pogues and Frank Turner, with plenty of music for everyone.

The festival itself has been set up in commemoration of ten years of the death of lead singer of The Clash, Joe Strummer, by his daughter, Jazz Domino Holly. It is being held in aid of the charity, Strummerville, which gives support to aspiring musicians.

If you’d like to know more about the festival, check out their website, Jazz’s blog, or my friend Charlotte’s blog post about it here.

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Some inspiration for your weekend

Photo courtesy of Sewing Daisies on Flickr

The thing about street style is that it can be so varied. In my previous blog, I could spend hours trawling through various websites for fashion inspiration, but now that I’m usually working on this instead, I find that the time to look for inspiration is far less frequent than it used to be.

However, fashion blogs have always been a great source of inspiration to me and today I have gone back to my ways of old, searching the realms of the blogging world to bring you, my readers, fashion inspiration.

So, here are a few of the inspirational people I have found lately, all who are also amazing crafters, quite unlike my disastrous knitting attempt last week, more of which I’ll show you in the next post!

A long-time favourite blogger of mine is Wayward Daughter. Cait’s talent is a constant source of inspiration and her clothes make me drool with envy. Her photography is quite perfect too. Marking out a career as a designer, her clothes can be found here.

Gem Fatale was introduced to me via a friend. Every week, she creates her Tuesday tips, which are usually little things, such as painting stripes on your nails or sewing accessories without the use of needles. The great thing about Gem is that she takes the easy option to make things, which is perfect for the less ambitious of us. Here’s one of my personal favourites.

And finally there’s Rosie. Rosie makes delicate ornaments to wear on your fingers or around your neck. These rings and necklaces are exquisite and are everything the more girly of us could want. Her shop can be found here.

Each of these girls are very different, but no matter what your style is, you can be sure to want at least one of these items for Christmas. I know I do.

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The Sartorialist

As I’ve mentioned before, my full-on website crush for The Sartorialist is responsible for my interest in creating a blog about the street style of Cardiff.  Yesterday, whilst searching youtube, I came across a short film about the man himself.

My favourite part is when he says that he is patient in waiting for photos and only takes a couple a day.

So, sit back, with your drink of choice, watch this beautiful film and come up with some wonderful ideas yourself.

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Some great fashion places

If you’re new to the street-style fashion scene and want some ideas to steal emulate, then Asos is a great place to start.  Its up-and-coming fashion always has me shaking the pennies out of my purse, but the website is also known nowadays for its blogs.

Spotted is where you’ll find street-style photos arranged by trends.  Asos say that if there’s a trend worth spotting, they’ll be there, and it usually takes them to many places, including the recent London Fashion Week.

Fashionfinder is another part of the website where you’ll find the inspiration you need, including the most popular looks section and the spotlight section, which focuses on a particular blogger each week.  This week’s blogger is Frassy.

So, there you have it.  If you’ve ever lacked the knowledge to go out there and be a trendsetter, then worry no more.