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Some great fashion places

If you’re new to the street-style fashion scene and want some ideas to steal emulate, then Asos is a great place to start.  Its up-and-coming fashion always has me shaking the pennies out of my purse, but the website is also known nowadays for its blogs.

Spotted is where you’ll find street-style photos arranged by trends.  Asos say that if there’s a trend worth spotting, they’ll be there, and it usually takes them to many places, including the recent London Fashion Week.

Fashionfinder is another part of the website where you’ll find the inspiration you need, including the most popular looks section and the spotlight section, which focuses on a particular blogger each week.  This week’s blogger is Frassy.

So, there you have it.  If you’ve ever lacked the knowledge to go out there and be a trendsetter, then worry no more.