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Why Pinterest is a great resource for sewing

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 15.46.38Pinterest is great isn’t it? I use it for so many things: pinning interesting quotes, outfit inspiration and most of all, for sewing and DIY inspiration.

I’m such a fan of Pinterest that I had to delete the app off my phone as I was always on it. Believe me, you can get too Pinterest-obsessed! Initially I started this DIY and crafts board as a place to store home DIYs and things, but it soon grew to accommodate my obsession with sewing and dressmaking patterns and it’s a great source for all sewing needs.

Below is just a small selection of how useful Pinterest can be for sewing inspiration, documenting and more. I really recommend it as a source for any sewing enthusiasts out there. Oh, and if you want to follow my DIYs and crafts board or follow me on Pinterest generally, please feel free to.

Here is why Pinterest is a useful resource for sewing:

To keep track of sewing patterns you already own:

This one might be an obscure one, but I really recommend keeping track of your sewing patterns in one place. Although I have a shelf space for all my paper patterns and another for the traced versions I’ve already used, it is so easy to check Pinterest when you’re in need of a sewing project and want to know which projects you’re yet to complete. For example, I have a copy of Burdastyle magazine from last year sometime, which I bought for the peplum top on the cover. The magazine isn’t where I can see it constantly and I still haven’t made the top, but by checking my own ‘DIYs and crafts’ board, I’m able to remind myself that I’m yet to make that top.

To document different versions of a pattern:

This one relates to the above point somewhat. Once I find a pattern I love, I like to keep track of the different ways I can sew it up. Pinterest is great for this, again because the patterns are in the same place (and as a visual person it really pleases me to track the patterns by image). Alternatively, if I’m obsessing over a certain pattern and haven’t made it yet, I’ll often look on Pinterest to see how other sewers are making it, particularly if there are different versions.

For sewing patterns I’m yet to buy or make:

This is the obvious one I guess, but it’s still useful to have a place where you keep sewing patterns you want to buy, but haven’t yet. Case in point: This peplum top.

To pin styles of clothing I want to make or for clothing ideas I’d love to copy:

I often go through phases of pinning specific things (peplum tops, co-ords etc). Pinterest is great for this. Additionally, it’s great for pinning clothes from a website that I want to make someday.

To locate online DIYs:

I only occasionally use websites for tutorials, and although I have a bookmark folder on my laptop for DIYs, I find it easier to check Pinterest when I need an easy top or dress tutorial. Seriously, that search bar is great and the site really comes into its own here. FYI, this pattern here is my favourite ever online tutorial!

For help with specific sewing techniques:

Sewing techniques can be a b*tch sometimes can’t they? As much as I love working from patterns, I have found some to be pretty sparse on giving details for some techniques and once I’ve googled how to actually sew a box pleat or whatever, I can then keep a record of it and check Pinterest when I need to revisit the technique.

To document fabric choices etc:

I’m often wowed by a particular fabric pattern and I can sometimes lose the exact location of that fabric (quite easy for a scatter-brain like me) and so at least if I pin the fabric I’ll always be able to find it again. I do try to keep another Pinterest board specifically for pretty patterns but sometimes I’ll pin them here too, especially if they’re relevant to my sewing plans.

For gift ideas:

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Pinterest is a great source for present ideas for your loved ones!

For home DIY inspiration:

Another obvious one, but what is Pinterest good for if not for pinning useful DIYs to brighten up your house?

What do you use Pinterest for? If you have any good sewing-related pins, please send them my way.


Classic trousers: Simple Sew Patterns


As mentioned previously, I won a sewing pattern from the lovely people at Simple Sew Patterns just after Christmas. I was able to pick a pattern of my choice and having had a good look at their sewing patterns, I chose the classic trouser pattern.

Having never made trousers before, I was slightly daunted by the prospect, but I love a good challenge and the pattern seemed easy enough. I’m usually lazy when it comes to doing practice runs, but I made sure I did one with this pattern, as I wasn’t quite sure what size to go for. In the end I sized up and this was probably the best idea as I found the ankles were slightly small and would have been smaller yet if I’d gone down a size. Plus sizing up enables me to eat more food, and that’s not a bad thing.

The trouser pattern from Simple Sew Patterns

The trouser pattern from Simple Sew Patterns

I traced the pattern first, so that I could reuse it easily

I traced the pattern first, so that I could reuse it easily

A close up of the fabric I used

A close up of the fabric I used

I drafted pockets for my trousers. I used scraps of leftover fabric for these

I drafted pockets for my trousers and used scraps of leftover fabric for these

The pattern is for a peg leg style trouser with pleats in the waist and makes a very classic look. It’s a nice, easy pattern for anyone new to sewing trousers, but it is best if you’ve had some prior sewing experience first. The fabric I found (£4 a metre from my local craft shop) complimented the style of the trousers perfectly too. The blue tartan fabric has a touch of the old lady about it, but I like it. And it’s thick enough not to line it, which is always a winner in my book.

The trouser pattern can be found here. Let me know if you decide to make it.

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Crafting competitions


I’ve noticed lately that there’s been a few craft competitions advertised online. I’ve picked out three so you can have a chance to enter too. Having won the above trouser pattern recently, over on Simple Sew Patterns, I think I should spread the love. The pattern came in today’s post and I can’t wait to get started on it.

By Hand London are hosting a competition to win two of their lovely patterns. All you need to do is to tell them your dirtiest sewing secrets, whether that is using your fabric scissors to cut anything other than fabric, or accidentally sewing fabric to your own clothes (Not something I’ve done, surprisingly, though I did once sew an almost vertical hem – yep, I’m not sure how that happened either). The deadline for this one is tomorrow (Thursday 9th) at 5pm.

Wool and the gang is kindly offering a year’s supply of yarn. All you have to do is enter your email address.

And finally, if you’ve got issue 9 of Crafty magazine lying about, you’ve got until tomorrow to count the snowflakes in the mag to be in with a chance of winning a Janome sewing machine.

I wish you all success. Let me know how you get on!