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Easy DIYs: Decorating jars

Ever wondered what to do with all those jam jars you seem to gather? Well, wonder no more, as I have a simple DIY for you.

Jam jars make perfect jewellery and accessory holders, as they are easy to get hold of and versatile. They’re also very easy to decorate and what better way to help the environment by giving an old jam jar a new life?

Disclaimer: I would strongly urge you NOT to use the jars as tea light holders, as open flames and fabric/paper do not mix!

What you’ll need:

-A recycled jam jar

-Some fabric or paper of your choice (this can either be cut into small strips to arrange vertically onto the jar or one long strip to attach diagonally)


-A pair of scissors

What you’ll need

One of the easiest ways to decorate a jar is to glue paper or fabric to it and this is what I did. I chose to sellotape mine, but you can glue the paper or fabric if you want, using a strongish glue.

How to make:

Stick double sided tape to your jar, making sure that tape is attached all the way around the jar

Create your own double sided sellotape by sticking the ends of the tape together

Cut a long piece of fabric or paper that reaches around your jar and attach this to the tape, making sure it sticks neatly and is straight

Wrap the paper or fabric around the jar onto the double sided tape

Then adorn your jars with whatever accessories you like (I suggest putting buttons or spare change in them) and place them decoratively around your home

Pretty jars make decorative additions to your home

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