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Wonderwool Wales 2015: A review


Wonderwool Wales, an annual wool and crafts festival held in the picturesque mid Wales countryside, is somewhere I’ve never been before, despite (shamefully) only living just over an hour away from it.

The festival is now in its tenth year. I finally got a chance to visit it last month and I wasn’t disappointed by the stalls and demos that I saw. Although there were plenty of wool stalls, different types of yarns and even some actual sheep and alpaca, it wasn’t all about the wool. There were also spinning demonstrations, fabric stalls, clothing, buttons and accessories, a ‘sheepwalk’ catwalk and lots of atmosphere, spread across three halls of the Royal Welsh showground.

A cardigan for Cardigan, knitted in celebration of the Welsh town's 900th birthday

A cardigan for Cardigan, knitted in celebration of the Welsh town’s 900th birthday

Members of the town came together to knit the five metre wide cardigan

Members of the town came together to knit the five metre wide cardigan

There was also ‘A cardigan for Cardigan’, a giant knitted cardigan made for Cardigan in west Wales by people from the town and organised by community artist Lisa Hellier, as well as Alison Murray‘s gingerbread house, a life-size knitted house complete with interior, exterior and even a garden.

Alison Murray's giant knitted gingerbread house

Alison Murray’s giant knitted gingerbread house

There were plenty of yarn related names that I recognised too, including BaaRamEwe, Toft and Coop Knits and some that I didn’t, including Jenny Barnett‘s needlefelted sculptures and The Lost Sheep Company, who had two live spinning demonstrations outside their stall. I love discovering new crafters and there was definitely enough at Wonderwool Wales to keep all ages entertained.

The festival itself was started in 2006 to promote the Welsh wool market and covers everything from the start of the creative process to the end. For more information and news on future events, visit their website.

I really enjoyed myself at Wonderwool Wales and I’d very much like to go again next year. There really was something for every kind of crafter there, not just the knitters!







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Wednesday wishlist

The Wednesday wishlist this week has a bit of a knit theme going on. It’s cold outside (isn’t it always now?) and the leaves are falling all around us, so we can all be forgiven for wanting to put on our thick cardigans and woollen tights while lighting the fire and reading our favourite book. Ah, what a life! But anyway, this Wednesday wishlist includes knits from People Tree, a brand I’ve loved for many years, starting from when I first bought myself a pair of their woollen, hand-knitted, slipper socks.

Right now, my clothing item of choice would have to be a thick jumper and People Tree have such a lovely selection of knits that it’s hard to choose which ones I love the most (I promise you People Tree haven’t paid me to write this – I just really like the brand).

Holly vintage cardigan in teal, £150, People Tree

Holly vintage cardigan in teal, £150, People Tree

First up is the Holly vintage cardigan in teal. Reminiscent of your Grandma’s knitting, this cardigan would happily take you through to the early months of next year and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be wearing it well past when you should. Plus, best of all is that it’s hand-knitted and those wooden buttons make such a sweet addition to its overall look. This is the cardigan I can imagine wearing on a winter’s night by a roaring pub fire.

Heidi twist yarn jumper, £42.50, People Tree

Heidi twist yarn jumper, £42.50, People Tree

I adore knitted jumpers in multiple colours and this mustard Heidi jumper is perfect for those days when you simply have to leave the house but don’t want to make too much of an effort. I always want to wear deeper colours like reds and mustards during autumn and this jumper definitely fits the bill. Best of all though is that it’s currently on sale, making it a really affordable piece to buy now in preparation for the even colder months.

Star jumper, £87.50, People Tree

Star jumper, £87.50, People Tree

Perfect for Christmas Day, this star jumper is really versatile and can be worn with jeans or a dress. It’s a brilliant piece which goes with almost anything, so you could wear it as a cover-up for walks in the countryside, complete with Hunters and a dog, or for seeing friends for that all important catch-up over a pumpkin spiced latte. But snap it up quick because it’s also on sale.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Wednesday wishlist. I know it’s not really a weekly wishlist but I enjoy doing these types of posts. Of course the best part of all is that I get to look at loads of clothes in preparation.

Any themes you’d like to see covered in future Wednesday wishlists? Let me know!