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Pompomless earrings

ImageI made these pompomless earrings for my Mum on Mother’s Day, having gotten the idea from a book I took out from the library last week. They were easy enough to do- all I did was to cut out a circle of cardboard, made a hole in the middle of it and wound my different wools around, using a darning needle. Then I attached the earring hooks to the wool and, voila, I had made my Mum a simple gift.

I often find that making gifts is easier than going out and buying something. I usually decide what I’m going to make on the day and just set my mind to it, surprising myself with how motivated I can be in those situations. Are any of you the same? Can you sit down for hours and craft?

I also made my Mum some mini bunting to go with the earrings, as she’s always admired the bunting which I have hanging in my room and that, again, is quite easy to make. I’ll include a tutorial in a future post though, if you’d like. Bunting is certainly a great way to use up some fabric scraps.

For now, though, I’m going to settle back to my knitting for a while. These cold nights just make me want to curl up beside the fire, with my cat, and start a new knitting project.