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Cloth House, Soho


photo 2Cloth House in central London has been on my radar for a while. I can’t even remember the first time I heard about it. Somehow I just knew it was there, amongst a load of other fabric shops. The best thing about now working in Soho is that I’m only a few streets away from these many fabric shops on Berwick Street and can visit them as much as I like during lunch or after work.

Cloth House is every bit as wonderful as you’d imagine. There are two shops on the same street; the first Cloth House sells a range of more unusual fabrics and a great selection of knits, while the second has a colourful selection of cotton prints and an impressive collection of notions.

photo 3

The second Cloth House, at no 47, is by far my favourite shop out of the two. I just love the floral and Liberty style fabric and there’s even a remnants bin where I got some lovely calico (more on that soon!). Every time I go into the shop, I leave with something in my hands which isn’t the best for my bank account but, come on, the fabric is just too beautiful not to buy. I found some lovely plain fabrics in there the last time I went in, which I know will make great Marthe tops. I’ve managed to resist buying them so far, but I will go back for a few metres at some point.
photo 4 photo 5If you’re ever in central London, I suggest a trip to Berwick Street (it’s walkable from Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road and even Piccadilly Circus tubes). You won’t regret it.

On a side note, did any of you watch the final of the Sewing Bee? My housemate and I literally whooped when Matt (and his eyebrows) won! Were you happy with the decision or did you want someone else to win?

Author: Aneira

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2 thoughts on “Cloth House, Soho

  1. Fabric shops are so dangerous for the bank account!! But I always tell myself that if I’m not wasting money on ready made, throwaway clothes, I might as well splurge every now and again to get fabric to make some handmade garments that will fit, will last and I’ll love.

    Also, my other half has suddenly become interested in sewing when he saw Neil’s almost mathematical approach to dressmaking. He was a bit disappointed that Neil didn’t win. Neil he did come unstuck in the final and I knew he’d missed out. I thought it was between Lorna and Matt. I’m so sad it’s over!! Too soon!

    • Yes, I tell myself that too! I’d much rather spend a lot on fabric than clothes at the moment. I thought Lorna could have won as she was so consistent but I’m so glad Matt did. It is sad that it’s over though!

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