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Happy 3rd birthday Street Style Wales

Photo credit: Will Clayton (creative commons)

Photo credit: Will Clayton via Creative Commons

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the day I set up this blog, or its 3rd birthday. I almost can’t believe it’s been that long, but on the other hand it feels too short. I suppose it’s because I’ve been blogging for far longer than that – since 2007 in fact – that blogging has almost become like second nature by now.

When I first started this blog, I was a journalism student and on an adventure to a career that I knew I’d love as soon as I got to practise it. 2011 was such a year of change for me in so many ways (not all of them good, sadly) and one of the main reasons for that is because I stepped out of my comfort zone, from a secure job that was paying the bills, into a career and a city that were both new to me.

I’d worked so hard to get to that point and I was determined to make the most of it. Living in Cardiff was such an experience and gave me a great set of friends and I really enjoyed my time there.

The blog started as a university project although I was so excited to get back into blogging. I wanted it to be a change in direction from my previous lifestyle blog and I first set out to make it a street style blog. It soon became something completely different though and now I write about crafting, independent designers and fashion, mixed in with a bit of lifestyle.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the direction I’d like this blog to go in and I will soon be updating it and changing its name. Street Style Wales has always been a little bit restrictive and it hasn’t been a street style blog in a long time. I want to keep all things crafty, as that is my passion at the moment, but I’d also like to throw in some more lifestyle and other things.

Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when all these changes occur (in the next month I’d imagine) but, I think, after three years, that it’s time to spruce things up.

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Wednesday wishlist

The Wednesday wishlist this week has a bit of a knit theme going on. It’s cold outside (isn’t it always now?) and the leaves are falling all around us, so we can all be forgiven for wanting to put on our thick cardigans and woollen tights while lighting the fire and reading our favourite book. Ah, what a life! But anyway, this Wednesday wishlist includes knits from People Tree, a brand I’ve loved for many years, starting from when I first bought myself a pair of their woollen, hand-knitted, slipper socks.

Right now, my clothing item of choice would have to be a thick jumper and People Tree have such a lovely selection of knits that it’s hard to choose which ones I love the most (I promise you People Tree haven’t paid me to write this – I just really like the brand).

Holly vintage cardigan in teal, £150, People Tree

Holly vintage cardigan in teal, £150, People Tree

First up is the Holly vintage cardigan in teal. Reminiscent of your Grandma’s knitting, this cardigan would happily take you through to the early months of next year and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be wearing it well past when you should. Plus, best of all is that it’s hand-knitted and those wooden buttons make such a sweet addition to its overall look. This is the cardigan I can imagine wearing on a winter’s night by a roaring pub fire.

Heidi twist yarn jumper, £42.50, People Tree

Heidi twist yarn jumper, £42.50, People Tree

I adore knitted jumpers in multiple colours and this mustard Heidi jumper is perfect for those days when you simply have to leave the house but don’t want to make too much of an effort. I always want to wear deeper colours like reds and mustards during autumn and this jumper definitely fits the bill. Best of all though is that it’s currently on sale, making it a really affordable piece to buy now in preparation for the even colder months.

Star jumper, £87.50, People Tree

Star jumper, £87.50, People Tree

Perfect for Christmas Day, this star jumper is really versatile and can be worn with jeans or a dress. It’s a brilliant piece which goes with almost anything, so you could wear it as a cover-up for walks in the countryside, complete with Hunters and a dog, or for seeing friends for that all important catch-up over a pumpkin spiced latte. But snap it up quick because it’s also on sale.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Wednesday wishlist. I know it’s not really a weekly wishlist but I enjoy doing these types of posts. Of course the best part of all is that I get to look at loads of clothes in preparation.

Any themes you’d like to see covered in future Wednesday wishlists? Let me know!


Sewing co-ords

For a little while now I’ve toyed with the idea of making a co-ord top and skirt. I’ve seen others wearing them together and they look great, but I’m not sure I could pull of the whole midriff-on-show thing, so I think my best bet is to make an overlapping type of garment.

Perhaps something a little like this (click through for the original link – found via Pinterest):

I like the idea of a pale blue, but I would like to make something a little more wearable this autumn/winter. A darker gingham would be perfect, don’t you think? I really love this one in navy blue from Ebay. I might even make another in this tartan because tartan dresses always remind me of Christmas for some reason. I think it’s because the classic Yellow Pages advert was always on when I was a child.

As for a pattern, the top is made using this sewing pattern and this Salme skirt pattern could also work for the bottom. I think it would even be achievable to make my own skirt pattern.

If you want any more co-ord inspiration, I’ve pinned lots on my ‘DIYs and Crafts’ board. See here.


The birthday dress


I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned this yet but I’ve teamed up with the lovely people at White Tree Fabrics to become one of their bloggers. This is so exciting for me as it gives me a reason to sew and blog lots of dress patterns, on a semi regular basis.

I finished the above dress the weekend before last which also happened to be my birthday weekend, so I’ve aptly named it the birthday dress. I already love it so, so much and will definitely be using the pattern again. Next time, though, I think I’ll make it slightly shorter and size down a bit as it’s slightly too big. I might also lengthen the straps a bit and bring down the neckline.IMG_6755

White Tree Fabrics kindly supplied me with the fabric, pattern and notions of my choice and I sat down and made it. I chose the Vogue 8723 pattern because I liked the high neckline and thick straps and I don’t have anything like this in my wardrobe already. Although I loved the pattern (it reminds me a bit of the By Hand London Flora dress), gathering the skirt was probably the worst part. I’m a pleats kind of girl, so I suppose that gathering will always seem more fiddly. I also had to put in an extra panel in the sides of the dress as the fabric wasn’t wide enough but it turned out fine in the end.

I chose the Tilda Martine fabric as it just appealed to me. I have such a love for florals and the fabric is so lovely that these photos don’t really do it justice.


A close-up of the fabric. Isn't it a beauty?

A close-up of the fabric. Isn’t it a beauty?

I’m looking forward to trying out some more patterns in the future. In the meantime, why not check out what other bloggers have made, here.