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Last minute gift ideas

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If you’re anything like me, you might be a little bit behind with some (or all) of your Christmas shopping. But worry not, because a lot of online shops are still selling unique gifts and there’s still time to get them sent out to you before it all starts.

Etsy, Folksy and Not on the High Street are great places for last minute gifts (although Etsy features sellers from all over the world – not so great if you’re in a different country, so bear that in mind). Urban Outfitters also has a quirky selection of goodies if you’re looking for something more unusual. Before you do anything though, read what each seller has to say about last order dates before Christmas. Each shop’s cut off dates are different and you wouldn’t want to be left without a present to give on Christmas Day.

Here’s a selection of my favourite gifts to give this Christmas. Better still, all the items I’ve chosen are the work of independent designers in the UK, so why not support small businesses and head on over to have a look.

1. Jodie Anna


Can take up to 8 days for delivery

I’ve admired Jodie Anna’s work for a very long time, ever since she sold a number of plastic bunting necklaces. The Christmas reindeer earrings from her shop are cute and don’t necessarily need to be worn just at Christmas. Wouldn’t her cupcake necklace make the sweetest little gift for somebody this year?

2. Hello Harriet


Christmas cut off dates for the UK: 20th December (made to order items take longer)

I first saw Hello Harriet at the Renegade Craft Fair. The range of products Harriet sells are quirky with a contemporary feel and the designs are inspired by animals of all kinds, including cats, pugs and bunnies. What’s not to love about an iPad mini case with bunnies on? Although the iPad case is my favourite, her nail transfer designs also make great stocking fillers.

3. Jewellery by Jaymie


Contact seller for final order dates

Jaymie’s icon inspired jewellery is the perfect gift for anyone who loves vintage. Who wouldn’t love wearing their favourite model/actress/singer around their neck? My favourite is the Twiggy necklace, though of course I couldn’t resist the Audrey Hepburn one either.

4. And Smile


Christmas cut off dates for the UK: 19th December

And Smile was another designer I saw at Renegade. The handmade badges, jewellery and prints are unique and there’s even a section dedicated to Christmas. These Moonrise Kingdom inspired pieces are my personal favourite (I bought the Suzy at Renegade).

5. Printable Wisdom


Downloads will be sent to email addresses within one working day

The great thing about the prints from Printable Wisdom are that they can be downloaded and printed almost straightaway, so there’s no need to worry about postage. As they can be printed at home, the cost has been kept low, so these beauties need only cost you a couple of quid. My favourite is this bicycle inspired one. I love all things to do with bicycles and can imagine this on my wall at home.

6. Layla Amber


Christmas cut off dates for the UK: 15th December

Layla Amber is another designer I’ve watched for a few years. Her woodland collection is full of lovely pieces to give this year. Just imagine how lovely it would be to receive one of these fox brooches. I know my friend would absolutely adore these bird hair clips too.

If you haven’t managed to order anything online (or don’t want to take the risk this close to Christmas), why not support local instead and head out to your high street. There’s usually a few shops selling work from independent designers there and you might pick up a bargain.

(All images are screenshots of the websites, apart from the first image which is my own)

Author: Aneira

Magazine Journalist who trained at Cardiff School of Journalism. Interests include crafting, fashion, searching for vintage, photography, writing and reading great literature

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