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Renegade craft fair



As many of you UK crafters know, Renegade craft fair was on this weekend. Being in London anyway, I couldn’t not go. So on Saturday, I ventured from West to East and ended up in Brick Lane.

The fair was held in the Old Truman Brewery, which is across the road and up a bit from those amazing food stalls you’ll know about if you’ve ever been to Brick Lane (If you haven’t and you find yourself there, take my word for it and have some street food. It’s so good!). There were so many stalls selling the work of independent designers, among them lots of jewellery, stationery and mugs. There really was something for everyone and I felt bad not leaving with my arms full of goodies, but sadly my money (and arms) wouldn’t have stretched that far.

Kiriki's DIY embroidered doll starter kit

Kiriki’s DIY embroidered doll starter kit

As well as the products, there were also a few stands offering something different, like The Amazings, a website with a range of online craft classes and Mollie Makes. The people on the Mollie Makes stand were hosting workshops throughout the two days, teaching skills such as how to crochet.

Dandiifluff's Rob Ryan inspired pieces

Dandiifluff’s Rob Ryan inspired pieces

Some personal favourite buys of mine were the Hello Harriet and I Like Cats cat related products, Kayleigh O’Mara’s teapot brooch, Alice Shields’ handmade ceramic badges and Blank Inside’s range of stationery. As well as buying two handmade notebooks from Blank Inside, I also bought a Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom brooch from And Smile.

Kayleigh O'Mara specialised in shrink plastic jewellery

Kayleigh O’Mara specialised in shrink plastic jewellery

Alice Shields' ceramic pieces really impressed me

Alice Shields’ ceramic pieces really impressed me

The Moonrise Kingdom inspired jewellery and cards from easy shop And Smile

The Moonrise Kingdom inspired jewellery and cards from Etsy shop And Smile

The quality of products, I thought, was exceptional and if I had half as much talent as any of those artists, I wouldn’t take it for granted. But one thing did stick out for me, and that was that some of the stuff there, although really well made, was a bit samey. Perhaps I’m just being a bit picky, but it felt like there could have been a bit more variety in products.

Overall though, it was a good experience, and I’ll definitely be going again.

Author: Aneira

Magazine Journalist who trained at Cardiff School of Journalism. Interests include crafting, fashion, searching for vintage, photography, writing and reading great literature

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