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It’s not all about the sewing

IMG_1803Although sewing is my main crafting passion, I’ve always been an all-round crafter. Last summer I went through a craze of making friendship bracelets, the winter before that (and last winter) I became obsessed with knitting and lately, I’ve developed an interest in flower pressing.


The flower press my friend sent me

It all started when my friend sent me one in the post earlier this year. I wanted to try it out almost immediately and I did, with some bluebells from a walk I took. Now I have plans for what to do with the two bluebells I pressed, including framing them. Do any of you have other suggestions?


Now I can admire the bluebells all year round

I’m all for trying out new crafts. If there’s any that you think I’d like, then please let me know in the comments. I’m hoping that someone will tell me of a good bobbin lacemaking class as I’ve always wanted to try that.

On another note, it may be a little quiet around here for a while. I start an internship on Monday at a well known magazine (exciting!) and I’m moving to London temporarily, so there won’t be much time for crafting.