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Making a dress: Part two


Following up from the last post, I’ve finished my dress! I haven’t made a dress in a little while and I ¬†think this pattern was exactly the right one to get me started on dressmaking again. I couldn’t be more happy with the way it turned out and because I usually follow my own patterns, using a shop bought pattern was quite a scary process at first. There was a moment halfway through that I thought the top would be too small, because I usually make my patterns a little larger and then scale down. All was ok though and the top is slightly too big on me if anything.


  A work in progress


I like to lay my sewing out on the floor when working

I don’t have a better photo because I’ve been in bed the last couple of days, with a cold and sore throat, so the above photo is of the dress before it was hemmed. I like the length of it here and, although I was planning on shortening the length, I’ve kept it long. I’m planning on using the pattern again and adding sleeves. I might even make that one slightly shorter. What do you think?