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Making a dress: Part one



So, I’ve decided to make yet another dress and, in true blogging fashion, I thought I’d share this process with you.

I’m following a proper pattern this time (Simplicity K2444, a freebie from Sew magazine) which, if you’ll remember, is not something I’m used to doing. It’s not so bad though and I’m pretty sure the properly finished dress will be worth it.


Buying a duvet set is often a cheap alternative to buying from a fabric shop

Although making a dress can seem daunting, if you know your way around a sewing machine and the basics of sewing, it’s really not that hard. I think the key is to choose the right pattern (or make your own) and take your time. Taking regular breaks is also good, as it helps keep you calm and focussed.


A close up of the floral fabric I’m using to make my dress

I picked up an amazing duvet set from a charity shop which I’m using as the fabric for my dress. The set has never been used and even had the sticker still on, so I’ve avoided this disaster. It’s a floral, vintage style, but I doubt it’s actual vintage. There is, however, a lot of it and it doesn’t matter if I mess up, because if I need to redo a part of it, then I’ll have plenty more fabric to choose from.

I started as I always do, by cutting and ripping the seams so I was left with two pieces of fabric. Then I attached, pinned and cut my fabric pieces. I find this easier to do on the floor, with a pair of fabric scissors, because I don’t own a cutting mat or a cutter.

Once I finished the cutting, I used tailor chalk to add any pleat and dart marks and now the next step is to sew it.


When I turned my back, this happened

Finally, I wanted to let you know that my friend Charlotte from Sustainable Fashion Cardiff has blogged about me here. If you want to know more about how and why I got into crafting, then take a look.

Author: Aneira

Magazine Journalist who trained at Cardiff School of Journalism. Interests include crafting, fashion, searching for vintage, photography, writing and reading great literature

3 thoughts on “Making a dress: Part one

  1. I love your choice of fabric! I’m always on the hunt for good condition duvet covers in charity shops. I’m all for avoiding the disaster too, you can never be to shy to just shake it out all over the shop floor before you buy it!

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