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Knitting a snood

When the weather is cold and dreary outside, what nicer thing to do than to stay inside and craft? Lately, I’ve been knitting again and it seems apt to share my experiences on the blog.

This time, I decided to make a snood, which in terms of knitting is a pretty easy task to do. I’m not the world’s most experienced knitter, but I can knit one, purl one along with the next person and a snood is a perfect way to while away an afternoon or two and build up my knitting expertise.

The wool was so thick that I needed to buy longer needles halfway through

A snood, or cowl scarf, is also one step up from the beginner’s scarf, is a fashionable and cosy addition to any outfit in this horrible weather and would therefore make a wonderful Christmas present for friends and family, or a little treat for yourself.

I started off by visiting my local market stall and picking up two balls of wool in a lovely, raspberry colour. The wool I chose was 50% alpaca wool and therefore a little on the expensive side, but it had such a soft feel and I knew it wouldn’t itch like a lot of wools do.

I started by following this pattern, which I found online. The tutorial is ideal for beginners as it is made using a garter stitch and won’t take too long, but I adapted mine so that it wasn’t a wraparound snood, as the wool I used was thicker.

The finished snood

It didn’t take me very long to complete the snood, because of the thickness of the wool and the size of the needles (UK size 10), but in hindsight it is a bit on the tight side. My initial plans were for a wraparound snood, but because I cast on 40 stitches, this simply wasn’t achievable unless I wanted to spend a lot more on wool.

But, overall, I’m happy with it. It’s very snug and thick and, I think, a good result for my first snood.

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Charity jumble sale in aid of Age Concern

Photo credits: SA_Community’s flickr

If you’re free on the afternoon of Wednesday, 28th November, why not head down to Cardiff’s Mackintosh church hall and grab yourself a bargain. My friend Charlotte is holding a jumble sale to raise money for the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan branch of Age Concern, which seeks to improve the quality of life for older people in the area.

There will be a selection of second hand clothes, toys and bric a brac for sale as well as a chance to buy some vintage goodies. All proceeds will go directly to the charity.

More information and directions to the event can be found on its Facebook page, here, or on Charlotte’s blog.


The Toast clothes sale

Earlier today, I ventured out to a village hall for the annual Toast sale. Toast is a shop local to my hometown which sells ladies and men’s clothing as well as beautiful home-wares. It was started in Wales in 1997 and currently has nine shops in the UK. Unfortunately, much as I love the designs, it is usually a little pricey for me and so when I learnt of this weekend’s sale, I jumped at the chance to browse and stock up on some of the company’s classic clothing.

Clothes were strewn all over the hall and shoppers had to rummage through to find the bargains

Like many other jumble sales, the clothes were strewn all over tables in the hall and shoppers had to look carefully through to find the bargains. But this only added to the excitement of the sale and everyone there soon got into the spirit of finding themselves a good buy, with many friendly strangers admiring and helping others by observing what clothes suited them.

Bargain hunters had to have a good eye to look through all the clothes

The hall was quite busy for a Sunday morning

There were quite a few good bargains and some which weren’t so great, as unfortunately many of the clothes had minor snags and tears and some of the shoes had been worn and returned. But all the imperfections were highlighted by stickers and labels and some were still a good buy even so. And I suppose it’s a small price to pay for shoes and clothes that were originally approximately £100 and upwards.

Some of the items I picked up

Shoes were on sale for a fraction of their original price. This pair were £10

I came away with some really nice items, including a silk dress, which I paid £15 for, but sadly not the brogue-like shoes I could only find one of.