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Strummer of Love: The fashion

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One of the things I love best about festivals is the fashion. There is something so different about the way people dress at festivals and it makes you want to dress the same. Personally, I get so inspired by the clothes I see that I instantly want to go out and buy identical dresses/hats/wellies.

The fashion was no different at Strummer of Love. People there were wearing the classic wellies and floral dress combo and combining high street with vintage. People literally were wearing anything and everything and it’s that diversity that makes festival fashion so unique.

The key to festival fashion is to keep it as simple as possible, so that if you are wading through fields filled with mud, you’re as comfortable as you can be.

Layering is also a useful thing to keep in mind, as the weather can be changeable when you’re outside most of the time.

And it’s always helpful to have a waterproof coat and a change of shoes (flip flops will do nicely), as it’s nice to be able to change into a more comfortable pair of shoes when you’re back at your tent.

Charlotte demonstrates her take on festival fashion

A pair of wellies is an essential addition to any festival outfit

A floral headband can add a little something extra to any outfit

Layering is important if you’re camping at a festival, as the weather can be changeable. So take a hoodie with you for those colder days

A pair of sunglasses can be quite important for those sunnier moments

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