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Clothing with a difference

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Thinking about what to wear, or want to buy a new outfit on a budget? Then Wastesavers charity, which is based in Newport, might be able to offer something.

The charity recently opened a new shop, called Something to Wear, on St Johns Square. A charity shop with a difference, Wastesavers collects clothing daily from around the city and sorts it so that it can be sold in the shop. They wants to dispel the myth that second hand means second rate and, as a result, the shop has a clean look and they offer good quality clothing at low prices.

Independent shops are a vital part of the community, so if you’re from or heading to Newport for the day, why not check it out?

Author: Aneira

Magazine Journalist who trained at Cardiff School of Journalism. Interests include crafting, fashion, searching for vintage, photography, writing and reading great literature

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