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Clothing with a difference

Thinking about what to wear, or want to buy a new outfit on a budget? Then Wastesavers charity, which is based in Newport, might be able to offer something.

The charity recently opened a new shop, called Something to Wear, on St Johns Square. A charity shop with a difference, Wastesavers collects clothing daily from around the city and sorts it so that it can be sold in the shop. They wants to dispel the myth that second hand means second rate and, as a result, the shop has a clean look and they offer good quality clothing at low prices.

Independent shops are a vital part of the community, so if you’re from or heading to Newport for the day, why not check it out?


Independent fashion shops in Cardiff

As the Christmas break has sadly finished and we’re all eager to spend our leftover cash in the sales, I thought I would give you a list of the independent fashion shops in Cardiff.

During my few months in the city, I’ve discovered quite a selection of great shops for those of us who don’t always want to buy from the high street.  Individuality is rife in Cardiff and sometimes there is no better way to dress than by following your own style.  After all, what is style?  It doesn’t have to be about following the crowd, but is about wearing something completely unique and suited to yourself.

1. Barker Cardiff, Castle Arcade

One of the oldest fashion retailers in Cardiff, Barker caters for both men and women

2. I Claudius, Castle Arcade

Often thought of as just a fancy dress shop, I Claudius sells retro items at a very low cost.

3. @Fab, Wellfield Road

@Fab caters for women of all ages.

4. Hobos, High Street Arcade

A vintage shop which specialises in clothing of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

5. Prefab Clothing, Albany Road

Prefab is a charity which reconditions old clothes to give them a new life.

6. A Vintage Affair, Morgan Arcade

Another vintage shop in the heart of the city, with an array of accessories and even a few vintage patterns.

7. Oxfam Boutique, St Mary’s Street

A charity shop with a difference, the Oxfam Boutique offers designer clothes at a low price.

8. The Pumping Station, Penarth Road

This was once a Victorian pumping station, but it now houses a variety of items, including antique clothes and jewellery.