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Where does street-style fashion come from in the current economic climate?

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Casey of Casey Brown Designs models her customised skirt (photo credit Casey Brown)

In the current economic climate, more people are resorting to making their own clothes, sourcing clothes from charity shops and customising them.  Increasingly, clothes from the high street are mixed with more expensive garments.  My online feature project will focus on the street-style fashion scene in Cardiff and how and where people source their clothes from. Particularly focussing on what effect the economic climate has on the street-style fashion, I will be looking into whether there is an increase in people customising their own clothes, what people are doing towards customising their clothes, do people on the street mix their high street fashion with designer or more expensive clothes and do people buy less clothes at this time?
As an example, I asked people on my course where they get their fashion inspiration from and this is what they told me:


Author: Aneira

Magazine Journalist who trained at Cardiff School of Journalism. Interests include crafting, fashion, searching for vintage, photography, writing and reading great literature

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