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People who inspire: Eleri

Eleri is my sister. Obviously, we’ve taken style inspiration from each other since we were born, but I always find that my style improves when she’s around, as it’s good to bounce my ideas off her.

Eleri’s style is grungey, yet girly. She likes to wear dresses and often glams up for nights out.

We often share clothes too. Admittedly, she’s wearing my jacket and my skirt in the photo above, but she brings her own style to it, one that I could never pull off. I think that’s why I admire her style.

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Where does street-style fashion come from in the current economic climate?

Casey of Casey Brown Designs models her customised skirt (photo credit Casey Brown)

In the current economic climate, more people are resorting to making their own clothes, sourcing clothes from charity shops and customising them.  Increasingly, clothes from the high street are mixed with more expensive garments.  My online feature project will focus on the street-style fashion scene in Cardiff and how and where people source their clothes from. Particularly focussing on what effect the economic climate has on the street-style fashion, I will be looking into whether there is an increase in people customising their own clothes, what people are doing towards customising their clothes, do people on the street mix their high street fashion with designer or more expensive clothes and do people buy less clothes at this time?
As an example, I asked people on my course where they get their fashion inspiration from and this is what they told me:


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Blind Lemon Vintage

Fashion has always been an interest of mine. When I first embarked on my Journalism course, we were told that we would have to write an article every week.  It was inevitable then that I chose fashion for my first.  You can see that article here.

The good thing about my interest in fashion is that it can take on completely different routes inside the broad spectrum of fashion.

One of these routes is vintage.  For many years now, I have been interested in vintage clothes.  Fairs are a good way of highlighting what goods your local area has to offer and now that I’ve moved from the sticks into the city, I’ve found more and more.

The first one I ever went to was one called Blind Lemon Vintage.  They hold fairs every spring and autumn in South Wales and the South West and have expanded over the years to include many more locations.

I am a devoted fan of the organiser, Edwin Dyson, now and his shop in Cardiff, A Vintage Affair, is one I often venture to in search of a new (old) purchase.

Whilst searching the wonders of youtube once again, I came across this fascinating video, giving a behind the scenes look at what happens at the fair.  Enjoy!

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The Sartorialist

As I’ve mentioned before, my full-on website crush for The Sartorialist is responsible for my interest in creating a blog about the street style of Cardiff.  Yesterday, whilst searching youtube, I came across a short film about the man himself.

My favourite part is when he says that he is patient in waiting for photos and only takes a couple a day.

So, sit back, with your drink of choice, watch this beautiful film and come up with some wonderful ideas yourself.

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Some great fashion places

If you’re new to the street-style fashion scene and want some ideas to steal emulate, then Asos is a great place to start.  Its up-and-coming fashion always has me shaking the pennies out of my purse, but the website is also known nowadays for its blogs.

Spotted is where you’ll find street-style photos arranged by trends.  Asos say that if there’s a trend worth spotting, they’ll be there, and it usually takes them to many places, including the recent London Fashion Week.

Fashionfinder is another part of the website where you’ll find the inspiration you need, including the most popular looks section and the spotlight section, which focuses on a particular blogger each week.  This week’s blogger is Frassy.

So, there you have it.  If you’ve ever lacked the knowledge to go out there and be a trendsetter, then worry no more.


Where to start

Though I’ve been a blogger before, I’m quite excited to start on this journey again.  I’ve been a fan of fashion for as long as I can remember and I have a plethora of fashion blogs that I read.  It occurred to me that Wales’s capital city (and the area around it) needed a street-style blog much like The Sartorialist and Facehunter and I aim to bring this to Wales.  I also hope to showcase local designers, as I’ve always enjoyed discovering local designers that not many people have heard of.  The blog’s aims, therefore, are to:

-Discover fashionable people in Cardiff and South Wales

-Interview local and unknown designers in the area

-Observe fashion in the city as a whole

I look forward to beginning…